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How Much will a Divorce in Orange County cost?

It is difficult to determine how much an Orange County divorce will cost. The more issues there are and the more contentious the parties, the higher the attorney fees will be. The least expensive way to handle a divorce and … Continue reading

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Can a Court Hear Testimony from a Nine Year Old Child About his Desire to Live in the United States?

In the custody case of Escobar v. Flores, the judge determined that it was in the best interest of the minor child to live in the United states after the judge interviewed the nine year old child and found that … Continue reading

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Annulment in Southern California, What is Required?

In Stepanek v. Stepanek the court addressed whether an allegation of physical incapacity could sustain an annulment action. FACTUAL BACKGROUND LEADING TO THE DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE The Parties were married on May 21, 1958, and separated June 7, 1958. The … Continue reading

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No-fault Divorce in Orange County

A no-fault divorce means that neither party can introduce evidence into court to prove to the court that the other party was at fault for the dissolution of the marriage. The court will grant a divorce by one party regardless … Continue reading

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Annulment: How to Get an Annulment in California?

The process of an annulment is similar to that of dissolution in that a petition is filed. The petitioner requests that the court enter a judgment of nullity to void the marriage based upon incest, bigamy, underage souse, prior existing … Continue reading

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Date of Separation Facotrs in an Orange County Divorce.

In Baragry v. Baragry, each party stated a different date of separation. In the divorce trial proceedings, the wife claimed it was in 1975, the husband claimed it was when he left the home in 1971. FACTUAL BACKGROUND LEADING TO … Continue reading

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Child Support in California, Can be Enforced even Though Several Decades have Passed since the Last Payment.

In most areas of the law litigants are required to preserve their rights by bringing actions quickly and not waiting. If the litigant waits, the opposing party can claim the defense of laches. According to Fellows v. Fellows, the payor … Continue reading

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