How Much will a Divorce in Orange County cost?

It is difficult to determine how much an Orange County divorce will cost. The more issues there are and the more contentious the parties, the higher the attorney fees will be. The least expensive way to handle a divorce and still have a spouse’s rights addressed is to have both parties hire an attorney and then the parties can settle the case by going through their respective attorneys. However, neither side can be forced to settle. If one side is not agreeable to the terms, then settlement is not an option.


There are several topics which usually make family law litigation more contentious. One topic is custody. A custody battle will require experts to testify. The expert is usually a psycholigist that has spoken with both parents and the minor children. The expert will then make a finding as to what is the best situation for the minor children to thrive. The experts fees can be shared by both parties and are usually consistent with an attorney’s hourly rate.


If you need a divorce attorney in the Orange County area to discuss an annulment issue or any other issues relating to a dissolution of marriage including child support, custody, spousal support and property division, contact Treviño Law, Inc, at (949) 643-5662. Conveniently located off of the 5 and 405 freeway at Lake Forest.

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