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Can a Divorce Court in Orange County Obtain a Girlfriend’s Financial Information?

The case of Babcock v Superior Court examines when financial records from a live-in girlfriend can be obtained to establish child support or spousal support. FACTUAL BACKGROUND LEADING TO THE REQUEST FOR DISCOVERY AND JOINDER IN THE DIVORCE PROCEEDINGS The … Continue reading

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If I Filed a Petition for Legal Separation in Orange County, can I Change it to a Petition for a Divorce After it Has Been Served?

As long as a final judgment has not been entered in the action for legal separation, the petition can be amended to request a divorce. However, once a final judgment has been entered, a party must file a new petition … Continue reading

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Can a Parent who Commits Statutory Rape Still have Custody of his Minor Child in Orange County?

In Re Brandie decides whether an adult who conceives a child with a minor should be prohibited from visitation with his daughter, because he initially committed statutory rape when he had sexual intercourse with the mother when she was underage. … Continue reading

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