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Can a Non-Parent Initiate Custody Proceedings?

In Scott v. Superior Court the appellant challenged the court to decide whether the court had jurisdiction in a Uniform Parentage Act or UPA to rule that a stepparent has the ability to challenge custody so that she can obtain … Continue reading

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Are a Parent’s Medical Records Discoverable in a Custody Dispute?

The court in Manela had to determine whether a father’s medical records could be discovered by his wife who wanted to prove that the father was unfit to parent their minor child. FACTUAL BACKGROUND LEADING TO THE DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE … Continue reading

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Both Parties are Entitled to be Reimbursed for any Separate Property Contributions to Community Real Property.

The court in Rico determined whether the separate property contributions of both spouses to real property purchased as tenants in common before marriage required reimbursement when the property was converted to joint tenancy during the marriage. FACTUAL BACKGROUND LEADING TO … Continue reading

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