Child Custody Move Away Cases in California

The court in Brown v. Yana ruled that a father who does not have custody of a minor child can have an evidentiary hearing to determine whether a mother with sole legal custody and sole physical custody may move away.

The parents had been divorced for several years and had one minor child together. The mother had sole physical custody and sole legal custody of the minor child for several years. The father motioned the court to modify custody from sole legal custody to joint custody and for more visitation. Thereafter, the mother informed the father that she would be moving to Las Vegas with the minor child. The father then motioned the court for a full evidentiary hearing in respect to custody and a custody evaluation.

In court, the father stated that a move away was detrimental to the minor child, because the schools in Nevada were more dangerous than California’s schools and the minor child had expressed concerns about moving. The trial court denied the father an evidentiary hearing which, in effect, allowed the mother to move away. The father filed an appeal.

The Second Appellate District Court held that the father was entitled to a full evidentiary hearing in regards to the move away. It was the court’s duty to look into the assertions that Nevada was not a good place to raise children and the minor child’s expressed concerns about moving. The appellate court stated that its holding only allows an evidentiary hearing, it does not hold that the move away should be denied.

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