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Child Support of An Adult Child Still Enrolled in High School in California

According to Schopfer, a court may order a biological father to continue to support his adult child who is still enrolled in high school but lives with her step-father.   FACTUAL BACKGROUND LEADING TO THE REQUEST TO TERMINATE CHILD SUPPORT … Continue reading

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Transmutation of Property in a Dissolution in Orange County

Estate of Blair involved real property owned by a married couple who were in the process of obtaining a divorce. The title to the real property was originally taken in joint tenancy. During the divorce proceedings, the wife passed away. … Continue reading

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California Stepparent Visitation

In Marckwardt v. Superior Court, the natural father had requested visitation with his natural children after they were adopted by his ex-wife’s husband. FACTUAL BACKGROUND LEADING TO THE CUSTODY ISSUE The natural parents of the minor children were divorced. The … Continue reading

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