Child Support of An Adult Child Still Enrolled in High School in California

According to Schopfer, a court may order a biological father to continue to support his adult child who is still enrolled in high school but lives with her step-father.


The mother and father of the minor child were divorced when the minor child was about 6 years old. Mom eventually assumed sole custody of the child. When the minor child was around the age of 16, her mother passed away leaving her in the care of her stepfather. The father never assumed custody of the minor child. However, he paid the step father child support after the mother passed away. When the minor child was still enrolled in high school, she turned 18. The biological father moved to terminate the child support due to the fact that based upon statute, the court could not order the father to pay child support to a third party who voluntarily agreed to support the minor child.


The trial judge disagreed with the father and ordered that the father continue to pay the stepfather child support. The father appealed the order


The appellate court upheld the trial court’s decision stating that because the father agreed to child support and he did not prove that his daughter abandoned the parent without just cause, child support would not be terminated.


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