What Happens When a Party Passes Away Before a Written Judgment is Entered in Orange County?

The deciding issue in Martin was whether a court had jurisdiction to enter a judgment nunc pro tunc when a party passes away before the written judgment is filed, but after an oral judgment is made on the record.


The husband filed for divorce and moved the court to bifurcate the status of marriage. The court orally entered a judgment for dissolution, but before a written judgment could be filed, the husband passed away.


The written judgment was submitted to the court after the death of the husband. The court signed the written judgment and entered it nunc pro tunc. However, several months later, the court set aside its judgment and announced that it lost jurisdiction to enter the written judgment when the husband passed away.


The Second Appellate District Court held that the family law court did not lose jurisdiction over the case. Pursuant to California Code of Civil Procedure section 669, if a party passes away after a case is submitted to a judge and before judgment, the court may enter a judgment. Therefore the California family law judge had jurisdiction to enter the judgment even though the party had passed away.

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