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Vexatious Litigants in Orange County Divorces.

Sometimes in family law, one party can file proceedings to harass the other party. The court in In re Marriage of Rifkin defined the consequences of a litigant being adjudicated as a vexatious litigant in a family law case. FACTUAL … Continue reading

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Can a Domestic Violence Restraining Order Prohibit the Distribution of Private Emails or Texts in California?

In In Re: Marriage of Evilsizor and Sweeney, the issue before the appellate court was whether the dissemination of private information by one party could be enjoined to prohibit future dissemination. FACTUAL BACKGROUND LEADING TO THE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE RESTRAINING ORDER … Continue reading

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How is the Date of Separation Determined in Orange County?

In Davis v. Davis, the Supreme Court of California reversed the Court of Appeal’s conclusion that the date of separation could occur before the parties maintained separate residences. FACTUAL BACKGROUND LEADING TO THE DISSOLUTION The parties in Davis lived in … Continue reading

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