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When Parents Live in Different States, Which State Can Make Custody Orders?

      When one parent moves out of California to a different state with the minor children, the courts in California must decide which state has jurisdiction over the custody of the minor children. This was the situation of In re … Continue reading

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Premarital Agreements in California

      In Cadwell-Faso, the court addressed whether a premarital agreement is enforceable if the adversely affected party did not have seven days to consider the agreement before signing it. FACTUAL BACKGROUND LEADING TO THE DISSOLUTION       The parties spent months … Continue reading

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Spousal Support and Restraining Orders in California

     In re Marriage of J.Q.and T.B. involved domestic violence issues, the issuance of  a permanent restraining order based upon alleged abuse, as well as a request for spousal support. FACTUAL BACKGROUND OF THE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE RESTRAINING ORDER      The parties … Continue reading

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Reimbursements for Paying for Community Assets

In re Marriage of Ruiz involved Epstein charges and Watts credits which affect the amount in which one spouse reimburses the other spouse for the payment of debts after the date of separation. FACTUAL BACKGROUND OF THE DISSOLUTION PROCEEDINGS The … Continue reading

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