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Commingling of Separate Property Assets and Community Property Assets

      Higinbotham discusses the commingling of assets during a marriage and the effect it has on separate property. FACTUAL BACKGROUND OF THE DISSOLUTION PROCEEDINGS       The husband owned a house before the parties were married. After the parties married, the … Continue reading

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Orders for Past Child Support

      The court in Barth confirmed that a court could order child support retroactive to the date that the petition is filed in the divorce case in Orange County. FACTUAL BACKGROUND OF THE DISSOLUTION PROCEEDINGS       The parties had been … Continue reading

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Minor Children Can Have Three Parents in California

      In January 2014 a new statute was effective in California which allows a minor child to have three parents. Martinez v. Vaziri discussed the application of that statute to an uncle who had been in a minor child’s life … Continue reading

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Reimbursements for Payment of Spousal Support and Child Support from Previous Relationship.

In In re Marriage of Sherman, the husband used community funds from his second marriage to pay his first ex-wife both child support and spousal support. The second wife requested that the community to be reimbursed for those payments. FACTUAL … Continue reading

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