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Watts Charges and Epstein Credits in California

Miller v. Cooper involves issues relating to reimbursement for Eptein credits and Watts charges. FACTUAL BACKGROUND OF THE DIVORCE PROCEEDINGS The parties lived in California during their marriage until the husband was transferred to different states for work resulting in … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence Restraining Orders in California

Judges adjudicate family law matters in most cases. However, in some circumstances a commissioner rather than a judge will be assigned to determine a case. Before the case may be adjudicated by a commissioner, the parties must agree to have … Continue reading

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A Non-Biological Parent May be Able to Recover Contractual Damages for Custody.

A breach of contract IN a custody dispute was the issue in Dunkin v. Boskey. The parties in this case lived together and wanted to have a child. The man who would who would act as the father was sterile … Continue reading

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Social Security Derivative Benefits and Outstanding Child Support

     Hall v. Frencher is a case which involved the payment of outstanding child support and Social Security derivative benefits. FACTUAL BACKGROUND OF THE CHILD SUPPORT PROCEEDINGS      The parties in this case had a minor child. The father owed more than … Continue reading

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In Pro Per Parties Are Entitled to the Same Treatment as Represented Parties.

      A.G. vs. C.S. is a custody dispute involving a mother who represented herself in a custody court battle. FACTUAL BACKGROUND OF THE CUSTODY PROCEEDINGS       In this case, the parents of the minor children were never married. The mother … Continue reading

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