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Imputation of Income for Child Support

In re Marriage of Bardzik discusses which party bears the burden of proof when a modification of child support is filed. FACTUAL BACKGROUND OF THE CHILD SUPPORT PROCEEDINGS The Bardzik’s had been divorced for several years and had two children … Continue reading

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UCCJEA Continuing Jurisdiction and Maintaining a Residence in California

In re Marriage of Nurie involved an international custody dispute, allegations of kidnapping, fraud, and different custody orders from the court in Pakistan and the court in California. FACTUAL BACKGROUND OF THE CUSTODY PROCEEDINGS The parties were married and had … Continue reading

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Set-Aside Relief Must be Requested Within Six Months of Entry of Judgment

Yolo County Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) v. Myers involved a past order for child support and allegations of improper service of process of the summons that was the basis for the order for child support. FACTUAL BACKGROUND OF … Continue reading

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Spouses Owe Each Other Fiduciary Duties

In re Marriage of Heino and Lange discussed the fiduciary duties that spouses owe to each other during marriage and the presumption of undue influence for written agreements between spouses. FACTUAL BACKGROUND TO THE DIVORCE PROCEEDINGS The spouses in this … Continue reading

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