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Who Gets The Growth After a Retirement Account is Divided?

At issue in Janes v. Janes is whether or not a wife is entitled to the gains and losses associated with a “divided” retirement account. FACTUAL BACKGROUND OF THE DIVISION OF THE RETIREMENT ACCOUNT In 2010 the parties signed a … Continue reading

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Post Judgment Vocational Exams

In re Marriage of Stupp v. Schilders involved a post-judgment request for a vocational examination for the ex-wife. FACTUAL BACKGROUND OF THE REQUEST FOR ORDER FOR A VOCATIONAL EXAM By the time the ex-wife filed this appeal, the parties were … Continue reading

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Self Defense and Restraining Orders

Domestic violence was at issue in In re Marriage of Grissom. The court was tasked with deciding whether or not self-defense can be used to prevent the issuance of a restraining order. FACTUAL BACKGROUND FOR THE DENIAL OF THE RESTRAINING … Continue reading

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Sanctions and Attorney Fees

The court has power to award sanctions when one spouse breaches his or her fiduciary duty as determined in In re Marriage of Fossum. FACTUAL BACKGROUND OF THE REQUEST FOR SANCTIONS The parties had been married for eight years. Just … Continue reading

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Changing Jobs Does not Always Mean a Lower Child Support Order

In re: Marriage of Padilla is a seminal case involving a parent’s right to change jobs after a divorce and a corresponding decrease in child support. FACTUAL BACKGROUND OF THE REQUEST FOR ORDER FOR MODIFICATION OF CHILD SUPPORT The parties … Continue reading

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