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Stock Options and Child Support

The family court determined in In re Marriage of Macilwaine when a stock option is considered “available” as income for child support purposes. FACTUAL BACKGROUND OF THE DISSOLUTION The parties were married for fourteen years and had four children together. … Continue reading

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Special Immigrant Status and Participation by Parents

The California Supreme Court in Bianka M. v. The Superior Court of Los Angeles County discussed whether joinder of a non-citizen parent to a SIJS case is necessary when the court would not have jurisdiction over the non-citizen parent. If … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence and Custody

The family court in Jaime G. v. H.L. awarded custody to the father after he was found to have perpetrated domestic violence against the mother. FACTUAL BACKGROUND OF THE CUSTODY DISPUTE The parents in this case were never married. The … Continue reading

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Privileged Communications in Divorce

L.G. v. M.B. is not a divorce case, but a civil action that arose out of a divorce proceeding. The case discusses anti-SLAPP motions, torts, and civil procedure. FACTUAL BACKGROUND OF THE CIVIL ACTION The ex-wife, who is also the … Continue reading

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