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Transmutations and Interspousal Transfer Grant Deeds

If one spouse transfers property to the other spouse during marriage, the transfer must be in writing as required in In re Marriage of Kushesh. FACTUAL BACKGROUND OF THE DISSOLUTION In Kushesh the parties were only married for a year. … Continue reading

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Severance Pay After Ostler & Smith Orders

The definition of income and when support should be paid can become convoluted. The basic issue in In Re Marriage of Samson was whether severance pay was payable in one month or over a year. FACTUAL BACKGROUND OF THE MODIFICATION … Continue reading

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Ostler/Smith: Support Orders Based on Bonus Income

In 1990, the court in In re Marriage of Ostler & Smith created a new interpretation of the law that applies today. FACTUAL BACKGROUND OF THE DISSOLUTION In Ostler & Smith, the husband received a large bonus every year as … Continue reading

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In Re Marriage of Moore

In re Marriage of Moore defined the amount the community gains when it pays down the mortgage of a home owned by one spouse. FACTUAL BACKGROUND OF THE DISSOLUTION The wife in Moore purchase a home before marriage. During the … Continue reading

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