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Annulments in California

Recently, the court in In re Marriage of Turfe denied the husband’s request for annulment. He argued that his wife fraudulently entered into the marriage. FACTUAL BACKGROUND OF THE ANNULMENT PROCEEDINGS The husband and wife were married and agreed to … Continue reading

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Estoppel and Annulments

The doctrine of estoppel in a nullity action is discussed in In re Marriage of Kalinawan. FACTUAL BACKGROUND OF THE DISSOLUTION The parties were married for fifteen years. The wife had been previously married. Her first husband filed for a … Continue reading

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Community Debt Incurred After the Date of Separation

In re Marriage of Nassimi is post-divorce litigation that involved disputes over a family business that had been sold before the parties were divorced. The purchasing party alleged a breach of contract and sued the ex-husband after the date of … Continue reading

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Annulment in Southern California, What is Required?

In Stepanek v. Stepanek the court addressed whether an allegation of physical incapacity could sustain an annulment action. FACTUAL BACKGROUND LEADING TO THE DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE The Parties were married on May 21, 1958, and separated June 7, 1958. The … Continue reading

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Annulment: How to Get an Annulment in California?

The process of an annulment is similar to that of dissolution in that a petition is filed. The petitioner requests that the court enter a judgment of nullity to void the marriage based upon incest, bigamy, underage souse, prior existing … Continue reading

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