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Can Business Capital be Considered Income in Consideration of Spousal Support?

If the spouses in a divorce own a business, the court can exclude from income any capital that will be used to re-invest in the business (In Re: Marriage of Blazer). FACTUAL BACKGROUND OF THE DIVORCE PROCEEDINGS The parties were … Continue reading

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Does an Agreement for Spousal Support for Bonus Income Include All Income Above Base Salary?

In re Marriage of Minkin involved an agreement and an order for the payor of spousal support to pay his wife a regular monthly payment as well as additional spousal support based upon a percentage of his bonus income. The … Continue reading

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Imputation of Income to a Custodial Parent, Must be in a Child’s Best Interest.

The appellate court in Ficke considered whether the Orange County trial court’s imputation of $13,000 of monthly income to the wife who earned less than $300 a month, was a valid imputation for purposes of both child support and spousal … Continue reading

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