Community Property is Divided in Half

Community Property

Community Property is Divided in Half

Any property acquired during the marriage is community property. During a divorce, community property is divided equally. However, each asset does not need to be divided in half. Each partner is entitled to half the equity of each asset. If one party is awarded the family house, the other party may be awarded half the equity in the home. If there are other assets with equity in them and they are awarded to the spouse who does not keep the home, then that equity may offset the value of the home. However, if there are no other assets, then the person who keeps the home, will have to pay half of the equity in the home to the spouse who does not keep the home. The community property is valued as near to trial as possible.

Family Code section 2552 (a): For the purpose of division of the community estate upon dissolution of marriage or legal separation of the parties, except as provided in subdivision (b), the court shall value the assets and liabilities as near as practicable to the time of trial.

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Assets acquired during marriage are divided in half.

Assets acquired during marriage are divided in half.

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