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Do you feel trapped in a dragging divorce process that keeps you paying more every month, and you do not see the light at the end of the tunnel? Enforcing a divorce decree is never easy. It even gets more challenging when you feel like a brick wall is blocking your progress. Don’t you deserve to have everything resolved without waiting years for justice?

The skilled divorce decree enforcement attorney at Trevino Law, Inc. provides outstanding legal service to help resolve divorce issues throughout California. Our law firm has been handling family law cases for many years and has established great attorney client relationship with each patron. We have a reputation for thoroughness and winning results for our clients in court.

Why Do I Need a Divorce Decree Enforcement Attorney in Laguna Hills, California?

Divorce Enforcement AttorneyKeeping it together and ensuring that the legal proceedings are handled correctly can be challenging when you’re going through a divorce. That’s where a Laguna Hills CA divorce decree enforcement attorney can step in to help. At Trevino Law, Inc., we have a wide range of legal services available to clients, including divorce decree enforcement and assistance with child custody issues.

When you’re looking for a competent divorce attorney, there are several things that you will want to consider. Here are some qualities that are highly recommended:

Has experience in family law matter

When choosing a divorce attorney, it is best to choose one with experience in family law issues. An experienced family law attorney can give you the best legal advice and representation in a divorce case. If you are going through a divorce and need a divorce attorney, contact Trevino Law, Inc. They have been practicing family law services for many years and have handled thousands of divorce cases. Call now for your free consultation!


Reputation always matters when you’re choosing a divorce attorney. At the Law Office of Trevino Inc, our divorce lawyers have a well-known reputation for excelling at what we do with our legal specialization. Our law firm knows that we have to earn the trust of every new client, and we’re proud of how well we’ve stood the test of time.

Communication Skills

Communication is one of the most critical skills in any lawyer’s repertoire. By hiring a divorce lawyer from Trevino Law, Inc., you can be confident that you will get professional and dependable communication.

Beyond communication skills and law knowledge, you need someone willing to listen to your concerns. The recommended attorney will take time to determine what you’re looking for before recommending a course of action. At the Law Office of Trevino, you can expect personalized attention dedicated to your needs as soon as possible.

Attention to Detail

The details of your case might not seem like they matter, especially in the early stages. The truth is, when it comes to divorce, no detail is too small. Even if you don’t think it’s crucial now, two things can happen: either you will look back on that detail and realize it was essential, or your spouse will use it to their advantage. No one wants this kind of thing to happen!

If you’re looking for an attorney who can fight for you and pay attention to those little details, contact Trevino Law, Inc. They’ll ensure all the little things in your case are taken care of so that you don’t have to worry about them.

We help you protect what matters most.

Need help regarding child/spousal support, custody dispute, restraining order, property divisions, or family business? Our Laguna Hills family law and estate planning attorneys will help secure your future!

What is a California divorce decree?

A divorce decree in California law is a court decision that legally dissolves a marriage. The divorce decree is the culmination of the divorce proceedings and comprises the divorce conditions. It is the court’s final decision in the divorce case, regardless of whether the parties settled out of court or proceeded to trial.

Generally, each of the following is handled in divorce decrees:

Because the divorce decree is a court order, the provisions stated in it must be observed by both parties. Nevertheless, this does not imply that the provisions are always adhered to. Some former spouses may intentionally or unintentionally disregard the terms of a divorce decision.

Divorce Decree Enforcement Reasons

If one spouse fails to comply with a material aspect of the decree, the other spouse may be required to enforce the order. For instance, the other spouse could not be paying alimony or child support. They may not adhere to the visitation schedule or parenting plan, such as denying visitation or failing to return the kid on time.

How to Enforce a Divorce Decree

In most cases, it is preferable to try negotiating quietly with your ex-spouse before resorting to legal action. Perhaps you can work together to find a solution that does not involve court intervention. This kind of law enforcement effort is generally frowned upon by judges.

Nonetheless, there isn’t always a possibility for straightforward and calm communication, especially in these situations. One method for attempting compliance is informal mediation with an unbiased third party you both trust. Another option is to use a qualified mediator. Some divorce decisions compel parties to undergo legal mediation before appearing for the Motion for Contempt hearing on matters such as child visitation.

Filing a Contempt of Court Motion in a Divorce

Another barrier to bringing a contempt petition is ensuring that the initial provisions of the decision were definite and that all parties understood their respective rights and duties. The accused party must have willfully disobeyed the court order to be found in contempt. If each party has a different perspective of their respective responsibilities, the disagreement is better handled by filing a request for clarification.

If the respondent’s ex-spouse is suspected of willfully violating the decree, additional civil and even criminal sanctions possibly apply. When the motion for contempt is filed, the petitioner must also serve the respondent with notice of the motion and the hearing date, during which both parties will have the chance to present their case. If the petitioner is successful, the court will enter an order enforcing the divorce decision and any sanctions imposed on the offending party.

What are the Steps in Filing a Contempt Action?

Thoroughly review your divorce decree: Before filing a request for contempt, you should carefully analyze your divorce decree to determine that a violation has occurred. You must be able to demonstrate that your spouse knowingly violated the order.

Contact a California divorce decree enforcement lawyer: Although you have the legal right to represent yourself in a contempt case, doing so is not advised. Working with an expert family law attorney increases your chances of effectively addressing your legal rights.

Try to argue with your ex-spouse: Before going to court, try to reason with your ex-partner. It may be sufficient to inform them that you are prepared to go to court if they cannot comply with your divorce judgment.

File a contempt move with the court: If your ex-spouse refuses to comply with the order, you can file a petition for contempt in the same court where your divorce was finalized. After that, the court will set a hearing date and notify your ex-spouse.

Submit your case at the contempt hearing: You will present your case to the judge during the contempt hearing. They will examine all evidence of the claimed breach and then hear the defendant’s explanation for failing to comply with the order.

Call our Divorce Decree Enforcement Attorney in Laguna Hills, California, Now!

A legal matter can be very stressful to address, which can be more frustrating when they’re not solved quickly. In general, it’s crucial to seek a solution that meets everyone’s needs while avoiding prolonged litigation because the longer a legal matter last, the more expensive they tend to be. In the case of divorce, it’s important to begin discussing the next steps with a divorce enforcement attorney immediately.

Divorce is never an easy decision, but when you’re part of a minority group in the United States, it can be even harder. That’s why we at LGBT Divorce Attorney are doing everything we can to make sure your divorce is as painless and timely as possible.

With our years of experience handling all kinds of difficult divorce cases, we have what it takes to get the job done right. We know how to navigate through the complicated legal system so that you end up getting exactly what you deserve — a fair deal that protects both of your interests. Plus, we work with top-quality lawyers who understand your needs, so you can rest assured that everything will be handled professionally from start to finish.

Trying to handle divorce decree enforcement alone could result in you missing essential deadlines for filing paperwork and responding to court actions by your spouse, which could have dire consequences for your divorce. Our competent attorneys are here for you if you’re trying to move on from a divorce or already dealing with one. Give us a call immediately!

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