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You’ve probably heard that around 50% of marriages in America end in divorce. 

Why is this happening? Traditional reasons for the split have vanished – money, differing values, etc. Today’s divorces are much more complex. For example, women may be responsible for most of their wealth accumulation and their careers as financial contributors to their marriage. The rising number of gray divorces between older couples is something that can’t be ignored. 

Let our attorneys guide you through each step of your divorce case so you can focus on what’s most important to you: protecting your rights and the well-being of your children. 

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Why do I need Gray Divorce Lawyers in Laguna Hills?

If your marriage is ending in divorce, you may wonder why you need a lawyer. Dealing with a divorce is stressful enough, and having a skilled legal advocate can mean the difference between getting what you deserve and losing out.

When it comes to choosing a Gray divorce lawyer in Laguna Hills, there are a few important things you want to look for. 

  • Ensure that the firm has a lot of experience with this type of case. You want to ensure that everything gets taken care of quickly and efficiently. 
  • Look for someone who is responsive and accessible. You want someone who will take the time to listen to your situation and who will be honest with you about what lies ahead. 
  • Make sure that they are personable and make their clients feel comfortable. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to your lawyer, it can really hurt your case in the long run.

The experienced Laguna Hills Gray Divorce Lawyers at Trevino Law, Inc. understand what it’s like to be in your shoes. We’ve been representing families in Laguna Hills for over ten years, so we’ve seen every kind of family situation imaginable. That experience has given us the knowledge and empathy we need to ensure that your case is handled the right way.

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What is Gray Divorce?

laguna hills gray divorce lawyersGray divorce refers to divorces between couples aged 50 years or older. As implied by its name, gray divorce is unique from other divorces due to the age and life experiences of the parties. In recent years, the divorce rate among baby boomers has increased dramatically. In a  2004 research, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) used the name “gray divorce” to represent this demographic shift.

Therefore, if you are in your 50s or 60s and considering divorce, you are certainly not alone.

We help you protect what matters most.

Need help regarding child/spousal support, custody dispute, restraining order, property divisions, or family business? Our Laguna Hills family law and estate planning attorneys will help secure your future!

What Is Causing People To Divorce Later In Life?

Reasons, why elderly adults may decide to divorce, are:

They delay their separation.

People “staying together for the kids” may be a phrase you’ve heard before. Many people wait to divorce their spouse until their kids are in college or living on their own. When there are only the two of them left, they decide it is time to move on.

Retirement Transition

Retirement for one or both partners might result in a significant lifestyle change. While many couples love excursions, pastimes, and free time together, some discover that they are not compatible in this new stage of life.

Living longer.

Longevity is wonderful, but it can also help people understand what they really want. The prospect of spending another 20, 30, or 40 years with an unsatisfied partner may lead someone unhappy in a marriage to decide to divorce.

Sexual differences.

Age-related changes in spouses’ sexual preferences are common. Their relationship can suffer if they can’t effectively communicate and get over their opposing sex impulses.

What challenges are tough for divorcing baby boomers?

  1. Determining Pre-Martial Assets

The division of your joint marital property is a significant aspect of divorce. Identifying which assets are pre-marital belongings and which assets are a component of your marital estate is the first step in that process. This would be rather simple if you and your husband had only been married for two or three years, but after several years of cohabitation, recollections might get hazy.

Pre-marital assets may also become part of your marital assets in other circumstances, such as if your husband utilized funds from his pre-marriage savings account to purchase your home after you got hitched. Does he still own that money, or is it now your joint possession?

  1. Identifying Every Marital Asset

It won’t take much effort for a young, poor couple to identify and share their few possessions. However, older couples have had a longer time to accumulate a complicated portfolio of assets, investments, and savings. You and your spouse are probably in your prime earning years as well. This could require you to estimate the worth of special assets, like

  • Executive compensation packages
  • Travel perks
  • Car allowances
  • Credit card miles
  • Strategic Divorce Consultation
  • Bonuses
  • Stock options
  • Ownership stakes
  • Rental properties,
  • Patents.

Gather as much information and documentation as possible before you begin the divorce process so that you can catalog every asset you and your husband own.

  1. Social Security

Benefits from Social Security is a crucial component of one’s finances. This particular source of income is significantly impacted by how long you are married and when you divorce. Even though the court cannot distribute these advantages, it is crucial to understand how a gray divorce affects them.

  1. Retirement Plans

Getting older brings us closer to retirement. As with the majority of plans, divorce frequently derails these objectives. The older you are at the time of your divorce, the less time you have to save for retirement.

A crucial aspect of divorce is the division of property, in which couples divide their joint assets. Pension benefits fall under this group. Pensions, 401(k)s, and IRAs are all on the table.

Additionally, it is far more expensive for two people to live separately than jointly. In the end, what you have set aside may no longer be sufficient to maintain you. In many instances of gray divorce, retirement is less comfortable than anticipated.

Worse yet, you may have to delay it if you do not have the funds to cover your estimated living expenditures.

  1. Spousal Support

In a gray divorce, one must also consider spousal support. This issue frequently emerges in long-term marriages with a considerable economic disparity between partners.

If you are the principal breadwinner in a marriage, the court may award your spouse maintenance payments. A big payment frequently affects retirement.

In some circumstances, it forces people to delay their retirement and drastically alters their future plans.

All of these are challenging issues, which is why working with an experienced Laguna Hills divorce lawyer is crucial.

  1. Determining Alimony

In a gray divorce, benefits such as bonuses and business shares might complicate the determination of alimony.

How to Prepare for a Gray Divorce

Start by locating an experienced divorce lawyer, financial counselor, and estate planning lawyer. Consider whether the divorce resolution technique, mediation or litigation, is optimal.

Mediated Divorce

A mediator can save time, money, and stress by resolving divorce disputes outside of court.

Contested Divorce

When a “responding” spouse disputes the “petitioner’s” divorce arrangements, a judge must order terms of separation.

Uncontested Divorce

In an uncontested divorce, the parties establish their own divorce terms (without a third party).

Divorce Arbitration

An arbitral divorce is an informal procedure in which the divorce terms are decided by an arbitrator (rather than a mediator or judge).

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