LGBT Divorce Attorney in Laguna Hills

LGBT Divorce Attorney in Laguna Hills, CA

Whatever the reason for your LGBTQ divorce, you’ll need a skilled, experienced LGBT divorce attorney in Laguna Hills, California, on your side. You need to be prepared to fend off objections from your partner’s attorney and address any arguments in your legal separation

Call or e-mail Trevino Law, Inc. today to avoid this unpleasant scenario. You will find our approach thoughtful and straightforward as we guide you through the divorce process smoothly.

Why Do I Need an LGBT Divorce Attorney in Laguna Hills, CA?

lgbt divorce attorney laguna hills, ca

One of the most important things to consider is ensuring you have someone who understands the unique matters accompanying an LGBTQ+ divorce. It is crucial to comprehend that there are certain legal rights that gay and lesbian couples do not have until after marriage. These rights include the right to make medical decisions for one another, the right to adopt children together, and the right to file taxes jointly. It’s best to have an LGBTQ divorce attorney in Orange County that can help guide you through these challenging times.

Knowledgeable about LGBTQ legal issues and rights
Although it’s not as frequent, there are still far too many people in the LGBTQ community who deal with being told that their love is not worth defending through a divorce. Their relationship was “never” recognized because of how they expressed themselves, and their marriage has no legal standing. This can be especially traumatic for those who want to ensure that their partner will be taken care of in the event of a tragedy or injury.

To protect yourself and your loved ones, you need an attorney with the knowledge necessary to understand your rights and how they can apply to your situation. The attorneys at Trevino Law, Inc. have spent many years working within the LGBTQ community to help protect its members from discrimination in divorce cases, death, and other circumstances.

We help you protect what matters most.

Need help regarding child/spousal support, custody dispute, restraining order, property divisions, or family business? Our Laguna Hills family law and estate planning attorneys will help secure your future!

How to Choose an LGBTQ Divorce Attorney

If you’re looking for someone to help you with a divorce, it’s challenging to know who to trust, especially in an LGBTQ relationship. If you’re wondering how to choose an LGBTQ divorce attorney, you should know a few things.

Specialization in LGBTQ divorce cases

Consider specialization and experience while looking for an LGBTQ divorce lawyer to represent you. Our law office and family law attorney specializes in LGBTQ issues, which we feel will enable us to provide you with the best legal advice possible for your case.

Understanding of Jurisdiction Laws

Land restrictions differ considerably between states. In this case, you should counsel with an LGBTQ divorce attorney familiar with Los Angeles laws. It makes sense in Southern California to engage an attorney knowledgeable about California law and how to obtain the best possible outcome. Our family law lawyers are fortunately here to assist.

Consider your financial situation.

Hiring an attorney is usually rather costly. Consider your financial situation and what you can and cannot spend when choosing an LGBTQ divorce attorney. Trevino Law, Inc. helps clients in California with family law matters such as child custody, spousal support, divorce, and other concerns. We understand the difficulties that might emerge when you want professional legal advice but cannot afford it. As a result, we offer reasonable pricing and a range of payment alternatives.


Divorce cases are usually distressing. A California LGBTQ divorce lawyer who understands the family law issue and what is at stake for your family may be your best choice. Survival in these situations necessitates compassion. With our years of expertise in divorce law, you can be confident that we understand what a same sex couple and their loved ones are going through during these trying times. We are here to assist you. Schedule a free consultation with our LGBTQ divorce attorney as soon as possible.

What is a Divorce?

A divorce is the legal dissolution of a legal marriage. While married spouses have no constitutional or legal right to divorce, governments allow divorces to suit public policy. Family law lawyers oversee the divorce process (each estranged spouse maintains their counsel), and it encompasses a variety of problems ranging from property distribution, child support, child custody, and more.

The Divorce Procedure for Same-Sex Divorces

Since same sex marriage became legal in California after the rescindment of Proposition 8, several states have experienced a dramatic increase in divorce in LGBTQ+ relationships. Thousands of same-sex couples have married in the state and are now seeking a divorce.
In legal terms, same-sex marriage is the same as opposite-sex marriage. Neither side can file for divorce when a relationship fails because the marriage has irretrievably broken down. To demonstrate this, the applicant must provide

  • Unreasonable conduct
  • Two years of abandonment
  • Separation for two years (and the other party consents to the divorce)
  • Separation of five years (no consent required)

The fundamental distinction between same-sex and heterosexual divorces is that infidelity cannot be cited in same-sex divorce. This is owing to existing legislation, which defines adultery as “your partner or wife having sexual intercourse with someone of the opposing sex.”

As a result, unless your partner has started dating someone of the opposite sex, adultery cannot be used as a basis for divorce. In general, adultery would have to be cited as irrational behavior until the law catches up.

Questions to Ask Before Filing for Divorce

You may be thinking about divorce or have already decided to end your marriage. Whatever stage you are in, we recommend you ask yourself five critical questions before beginning the divorce process. Being prepared for the divorce process can allow you to go through what may be a trying period with less stress and fewer surprises.

How Will Divorce Affect My Family Dynamic And Relationships?
Divorce may have a significant impact on both you as an individual and your family dynamic. This may imply relocating, altering your household management, and adjusting to a new schedule. Your friendships and family relationships may change.
If you have decided that divorce is still the best decision for you and your family, prepare for all the consequences.

Consider the following before starting the divorce process:

  • What is your main source of revenue?
  • Are you covered by your spouse’s health insurance or your own?
  • Will you have to re-enter the employment after your divorce?

Which Divorce Alternative Should I Take?
When it comes to the divorce procedure, there are a few possibilities. Some couples’ divorce agreements are decided by a court at the trial, while others can negotiate their divorce before trial. Several choose mediation and collaborative divorce to terminate their marriage.
When it comes to divorce, there is no “one size fits all.” Speak with a reputable divorce attorney to go through your options and determine which strategy is best for you.

Which lawyer will I retain to represent your interests?
The attorney you select can leave a significant influence on you and the result of your divorce case. When choosing an attorney, seek someone with expertise and a track record of obtaining successful outcomes for their clients, particularly in instances comparable to yours. Trevino Law, Inc. is here to assist you. You may look through our attorney profiles to discover more about them and select someone best suited to your circumstances, especially if it is an LGBT divorce.


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Working with our experienced Trevino Law, Inc. attorney to handle family issues has several benefits. Our firm’s skilled family law attorney offers value by assisting you through the drastic process of a divorce case, particularly LGBT divorces. We can handle the most complicated legal paperwork, including child support and custody. Our lawyer may also assist you with property division and divorce enforcement.

Trevino Law, Inc. is dedicated to defending your family law matter with care and respect. Our family law firm has assisted families in navigating legally and emotionally rough family court proceedings for many years.

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