12 Things To Do Before Filing For Divorce

12 Things To Do Before Filing Divorce

Interview Divorce Attorneys

Interview attorneys to determine which attorney you feel comfortable working with for a while.

Review Your Insurance

If you have insurance through your spouse's employer, get all major medical and dental procedures finished before you file.

Talk to Your Spouse

If you can talk to your spouse, discuss what life looks like after you are divorced - including custody and financial support.

Talk to Your Children

If you have children, and you have an open communication with your spouse, you should discuss the future with your children.

Understand Your Finances

Make sure you know how much income, debt, and liquid assets your family has, as well as how long spousal support will last.

Know Your Financial Needs

Before filing divorce, you should have a good grasp of how much money is needed to meet your needs and pay for your insurance.

Preserve Proof of Your Assets

Get originals and copies of all important financial documents for the last three months.

Protect Your Online Presence

Make sure to change passwords for your online bank accounts, investment accounts, and emails.

Secure Valuable Items

If you have items that you wish to keep, you should take them with you and preserve them before filing your petition.

Moving Out of Your Home

If you wish to find another place to leave, it's better to take your children with you or file custody orders as soon as possible.

Do Not Sign Any Agreements

It's important to have your attorney review any agreements between you and your spouse before you sign it.

Develop a Support Network

Find people you can trust, including friends and a therapist, who can support you through the divorce process.

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