Goodwill in a Professional Practice

Goodwill in a Professional Practice

In re Marriage of Aufmuth was decided in 1979, but it is still considered valid law. The parties were married …

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A Default Judgment Can be Set Aside if the Relief Exceeds the Prayer Request.

Civil procedure is an important aspect of any divorce proceeding and is the issue in In re Marriage of Andresen. …

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Imputing Income

Imputing Income to a Spouse

In re Marriage of Ackerman involved the imputation of income to one spouse. The parties were married for more than …

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Changing the Character of Property

The parties in In re Marriage of Barneson argued about whether or not a written document satisfied the rules for …

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Custody Disputes in Competing States

When one parent moves out of California with minor children, California courts may exercise jurisdiction over the family to hear …

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Fraud and Retroactivity of Support

In Re Marriage of Economou discusses the circumstances in which support may be retroactive beyond the time of filing, and …

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